Assistance and safety for the elderly

An alarm that can save lives


There are some things for which price is of no importance and they deserve to be given very special attention and vigilance at all times. This includes the safety of our nearest and dearest who sometimes need some useful and even essential assistance in emergency situations. At Télé-Secours, we provide that service!


How? It’s very simple. Our procedure is based on an alarm signal that is given by the person you want to protect against any of the type of accident that sometimes goes hand in hand with advancing years. The person in question is given a remote control that, depending on your preferences and/or its user-friendliness, can be worn in the form of a necklace or a bracelet. This person is thus able to warn our services of any vulnerable situation they may find themselves in around their home (fall, illness, etc.). We react rapidly by warning the people whose names have been provided and sending the ambulance services to the site. Because each second counts!


A simple procedure that follows your instructions


The cornerstone of the Télé-Secours service is based on the need to provide humanitarian aid. The help we offer moreover is designed specifically to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently in accordance with specific procedures as well as your own instructions. It’s very easy to subscribe to this service. You can make an appointment with us or call us. It takes no time at all to complete the procedures for your subscription. When it comes to the safety of your nearest and dearest, put all your worries to one side and rest assured with Télé-Secours!


We are at your disposal should you require any information or to help with your subscription.


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